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Other Available Items


Utility Room Downstairs


  1. Wheel Eez Beach Cart (hanging to right of carport)
  2. 4 boogie boards (more or less, sometimes they sail to off England)
  3. At least 8 beach chairs, 5 many with straps for carrying
  4. Hopefully an umbrella.They donít always make it through the season.
  5. Charcoal lighter fluid
  6. Clothes pins for clothes lines outside
  7. Push broom for use in carport and utility room
  8. Sponge mop hanging on wall for use only in lower floor bathrooms
  9. Little round laundry basket for dirty kitchen towels, rags, and bath mats
  10. Medium blue cooler.Lid is not attached.Please donít let it blow away!
  11. Weber grill
  12. 2 solid plastic kiddie chairs
  13. Backup microwave on top of toy shelves
  14. Backup coffee maker on toy shelves
  15. Lots of beach toys for children
  16. 2 baby gates (use at your own risk)
  17. Heavy duty aluminum foil for lining grill
  18. Laundry detergent
  19. 6-pack size coolers on toy shelves
  20. Leaf blower for blowing sand off carport floor
  21. Spare microwave above toys
  22. Spare coffee maker above toys
  23. BBQ fork and tongs, perforated grill pan hanging on wall to right of dryer
  24. Washer and dryer


Cabinets in Utility Room


    1. Bath mats
    2. Laundry detergent
    3. Sponge mop refill
    4. White Vinegar
    5. Light bulbs
    6. Kitchen sponges
    7. 20 Mule Team Borax
    8. Clorox
    9. Ammonia
    10. Sponges
    11. LA Awsome in dilution 1-5 and 1-10
    12. Spray bottle of vinegar
    13. Glass cleaner refill
    14. Charcoal lighter fluid



Living and Dining Rooms


  1. 46Ē Flat screen TV
  2. Blu-ray player, Netflix ready
  3. Instructions for entertainment components, TV channel list, Netflix Instant Play instructions
  4. The Inkspots CD in entertainment center
  5. Fats Domino CD in entertainment center
  6. Nights in Rodanthe DVD on shelf with OBX related books
  7. Peterson Field Guide Birding by Ear audio CD with pamphlet
  8. Peterson Field Guide More Birding by Ear audio CD with pamphlet
  9. Julia Childís The French Chef 3 Disks
  10. Readersí Digest Book of North American Birds
  11. Binoculars
  12. Joy of Cooking cookbook under coffee table
  13. Outer Banks Cookbook
  14. 12 place (can wash in sink)
  15. Card table, nice for laptop or jigsaw puzzles or game playing on porch
  16. Outer Banks related books in entertainment center
  17. Childrenís books in entertainment center
  18. Games in entertainment center
  19. Jigsaw puzzles in 2 baskets


Unfun but necessary things


  1. Big Swiffer floor duster in half bath upstairs with refills in cabinet
  2. Wood floor cleaning mop in upstairs half bath, use rags under sink as covers.Use with Pledge Floor Cleaner in cabinet next to phone.
  3. Eureka light weight canister vacuum with powered upholstery attachment in bunk room closet
  4. Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner with powered rug and upholstery attachments in standard bedroom closet with bags.
  5. Irons and ironing board in queen bedroom
  6. Backup mattress covers in their respective bedroom closets
  7. Extra blankets in bunk room closet
  8. Extra kitchen floor mats in bunk room closet (if you trash the ones in the kitchen, please wash them in warm water and dry on med heat.
  9. Step stool/ladder in dining room
  10. Blankets in all closets
  11. Floor fan in bunk room closet


Hall Bath

    1. Hair dryer in cabinet
    2. Bandaids in cabinet
    3. Hand soap refill
    4. Woolite Ocydeep carpet cleaner
    5. Comet
    6. Clorox floor cleaner (for bathrooms only)
    7. Clorox Cleanup Refill
    8. 409 Refill
    9. Windex Refill
    10. Clorox Cleanup
    11. Plunger
    12. Toilet Brush
    13. Sponge
    14. Hotshot Carpet stain remover
    15. 409
    16. Woolite Carpet Cleaner



Half Bath

1.      Comet

2.      Pledge wood floor cleaner

3.      Pledge floor cleaner refill

4.      Swiffer floor duster covers

5.      Rags for wood floor cleaner mop

6.      Wood floor cleaner mop

7.      Swiffer floor duster

8.      Broom

9.      Plunger

10.  Toilet Brush



Master Bath

1. Comet

2. Plunger

3. Toilet Brush

4. Clorox Cleanup

6. Windex

7. Spic n Span

8. Invisible Glass Cleaner

9. Sponge